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Expand your dance journey...Dance Fitness

    A dynamic 45 minute class focusing on stamina, flexibility, strength, posture and balance. This class will be a mixture of stretching and strengthening exercises to improve your flexibility, balance and core stability…as well as some cardio work to improve your stamina.

    This class is for all levels and no prior dance knowledge is necessary as dance steps used in the class will be foundation level and suitable for newcomers and all. The primary aim of the class is to improve your dancing overall and you will find all the exercises relatable and complimentary to any general dance lessons you may be taking.

    What to wear…

    Comfortable exercise clothing (i.e. leggings and a t-shirt) please wear layers for dealing with increased or decreased body temperature. Dance Trainers or normal trainers, plus trainer socks as we will sometimes work without shoes.
    No dance shoes or Pointed hills to be used please. Drop in clients are also welcome and do not need to be a member at the studio but booking in advance is required as space is limited due to size of studio.

    If you would like to join class please get in touch with member of the team who are happy to help on 07540 722477 or email us on info@stepbymestudios.co.uk
    Price for the class is £15 per person, payment can be made at the studio.
    We look forward to see you on the dance floor.